Brass Hinge with Finials, Including Screws

Brass Hinge with Finials


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Solid brass hinge with decorative finials, including screws. 4 Inches. High quality, heavy duty decorative hinge. Size of bracket, Height 102mm, Width 76mm, Depth 3mm.

This exceptional quality, heavy duty, 4 Inch solid brass hinge with decorative finials will add a real touch of finesse to drop arm sofas, and is ideal for a wide range of other applications. With real weight and strength, these decorative hinges will comfortably hold heavy loads. Quality manufacturing processes ensure the action of the hinge is smooth. Easy to fix, with screws included, this hinge can be reused time and again. A high-class product for a quality finish. Decorative finials are screwed into position.</a></a>

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