Bottom Cloth
Bottom Cloth
Bottom Cloth - 60 Inch - 1 Metre

Bottom Cloth


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Bottom Cloth - Dipryl cloth for upholstery and suppressing weeds in the garden. 92cm (36 Inches) or 151cm (60 Inches) wide.

This quality black dipryl cloth provides a modern, cost-effective option in place of the cotton cloth used in traditional upholstery and is available in two width sizes. Used for covering the bottoms of chairs and sofas. It is manufactured from non-woven fabric and has a soft feel. Commonly bought by the metre but also available in full rolls for extensive use. Widely used by gardeners to suppress weeds, under gravel to stop grass and weeds growing.

The advantage of this adaptable fabric is that it can be cut to any shape or size and will not fray or rot. A long-lasting, multi-use craft fabric.</a></a>

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