Ball Castors Kenrick Shepherd Black
Ball Castors - Black - Thorn Pin with Cast Socket - Set of 4

Ball Castors Kenrick Shepherd Black


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Ball castors or shepherd castors from Kenrick in Black, ideal for upholstery projects and furniture - 50mm diameter wheel - Set of 4 castors.

This set of four quality ball castors or shepherd casters are manufactured in England by Kenrick, and are the best all metal castors available on the market. Ideal for upholstery and furniture, these 50mm diameter wheel castors are available with the quality thorn pin neck with cast socket. These can be used as direct replacements for existing fittings in beds for example. They come with sockets in the pack, in case they are required.

A stylish black option offers an alternative to the traditional beige. Ideal for adding a unique look to beds, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture.

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